I’m heading to the beach for the next few days so this round of posts are inspired by the sea…

I  will always love books, especially beautiful handmade books like these from Odelae. This speaks to my desire to honor craft and skills from earlier times and find a way to reuse items rather than dispose of them.

More about Odelae from the founder and designer Erica Ekrem in her own words…

believes graphic design can be low-impact on the environment and if practiced with high intention, holds the power to positively transform communication between and within communities.

Erica’s aesthetic is largely influenced by nature, folk tales from around the world and the faded, timeworn materials that survive from the early 1900s. Inspired to live in harmony with the environment, Erica finds herself seeking out patterns from the world around and within and searching for balance between the natural world and the one created by mankind.

images via odelae